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 Kaufman County Animal Awareness Project
Regional Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic

Servicing shelters, rescue groups, and the general public

1317 Hwy 175 East

Crandall TX 75114


Performing Surgeries by appointment only Tuesday through Friday
Offering Shuttle Services from Mesquite, Canton, Waxahachie, Garland, Athens, and Mineola TX

Vaccinations available Tuesday Ė Friday from 10 am to 5 pm

No appointment necessary 

                                                            SERVICES FORM

Service Costs for Dogs

Spay & Neuter Female Male
0-39.9 lbs $55 $50
40-59.9 lbs $60 $55
60-79.9 lbs $66 $60
over 80 lbs (Male only) - $70
80-99.9 lbs (Female only) $80 -
Over 100 lbs (Female only) $90 -
Additional Services    
In Heat $10 -
Pregnant $20 -
Cryptorchid (Flank) - $15
Cryptorchid (Abdominal) - $20
Umbilical Hernia $20
Rabies Only $8.80
DAV2PPv $16.50
DAV2PPv + Rabies $24.30
Bordetella (Kennel cough) $11
Lyme $16.50
Leptospirosis $5.00
Laboratory Tests  
Heartworm $16.50
Earmite Check $11
Microchip $11


Here are the basics about our program and the grants we have available for Texas residents.  Rescues and shelters (501c3) receive $5 off the dog prices on surgeries and do not pay a transport fee.  All animals require current rabies (which we give at the clinic for $6) and all dogs over 5 years old are required to receive a HW test ($15) even if they have been on monthly preventative.  We test about 16 a week and 80% are positive.   

Also for rescue dogs the State requires that the animals be either chipped or a tattoo be done so the animal is shown to be neuter.  We do not tattoo we microchip for $10 which includes the national registration.  If your group does this themselves that need to provide us with a letter on letterhead to that effect and releasing us from the liability.   

Kaufman County Animal Awareness Project (KCAAP) is an all volunteer 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation formed in late 2003 to eliminate the needless death and suffering of companion animals in Texas.  Currently hundreds of thousands of animals in Texas are euthanized each year.  Many are shot by land owners trying to protect their livestock from abandoned dogs.  Hundreds more are dumped and killed along our highways.   

We have many caring residents who take in these strays, but they lack the funds and needed education to become responsible pet owners.  We are educating residents on local community laws, offering low cost spay/neuter solutions, and lessons in responsible pet ownership.   

Our S.A.V.E Campaign has had many successes;

        Sterilization; our low-cost spay/neuter program has sterilized more than 4,800 animals since itís inception in June 2004 and we have performed more than 1800 free surgeries for needy residents;

        Adoption; we have increased the awareness of our local shelters and humane organizations and stress the importance of adopting locally;

        Vaccination; we have increased the awareness of the need for annual pet vaccinations, KCAAP has given more than 12,000 vaccinations since June 2004;

        Education; we have educated over 25,000 residents about responsible pet ownership and animal control ordinances.

 In October 2005, we opened our new regional spay/neuter clinic located in Crandall, Texas.  Along with giving us a stronger presence in the community and a place for children to come for education, a stationary clinic has allowed us to serve more people and pets in need.  We now offer surgeries four days week. 

The Critter Cruiser (our transport service) has started pick ups in Athens (1st Wed of each month) Mesquite (2nd Friday of each month), Canton (3rd Friday of each month), Mineola(2nd Wed of each month), Marshall (2 times per month dates vary), Garland (4th Friday of each month), Corsicana (1st Friday of each month), and Waxahachie (3rd Wed of each month); and will add pickups in South Dallas by the end of 2006.  Other locations are under consideration.  We are hoping that with our reduced rates, available grants and convenient pick up locations, many residents who have been unable or unwilling to sterilize their pets will do so.  The only way to end the overpopulation and needless killing is to reduce the number of unwanted animals.   

Grants for SPAY/NEUTERING OF A CAT OR DOG are available to residents that need it.  All applicants must be residents of Texas.  A copy of proof of residency (Driverís License, photo ID, utility bill etc.,) must be included with the appropriate application.   

Available PROGRAMS are: 

1.     DISAVANTAGED RESIDENT   Requires some type of government assistance program, examples CHIP, WIC, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment, Food Stamps, and Public Housing etc.   

2.     MULIPLE PET OWNER   Requires that the owner bring at least 3 or more animals from the same household for surgery on the same day.   They will be responsible for the cost of the first 2 surgeries and each additional surgery will be covered under the grant.  The surgeries must be performed on the same day to qualify.  If they need help paying for the first two surgeries, they may ask us about additional grant opportunities.   

3.     FERAL CAT Requires that the cat be feral, trapped and then bought to the clinic.  Friendly neighborhood cats or owned cats do not qualify.    

4.     DOGS OVER 45 LBS  Requires that the dog weight over 45 lbs at the time of   surgery.  Owner is asked to make a small co-pay towards the surgery if they are able. 

These grants do not pay for surgeries on shelter, rescue or breeders animals. 

Heartworm treatments are offer at the rates listed below.   

If a group has more than one animal for treatment, please call to discuss pricing options.  The above pricing is all inclusive.   The animal will spend one night at the clinic and must be picked up the second day by 6 pm.   

I think I covered everything.  Let me know if I missed something.  Looking forward to working with your group.  Thanks and call me with any questions.   

Bonnie Hill
Expert Medical Solutions

Kaufman County Animal Awareness Project

102E Trunk Street
Crandall TX 75114
(972) 472-3500

Mailing Address:
PO Box 515
Kaufman, TX 75142

Email:Susan Whiteley: susanwhiteley@spayneuternet.org or Bonnie Hill:  bonnieahill@earthlink.net

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