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Victoria Corse


Corsaire Bull Terriers

Comments from Corsaire Bull Terriers website:

Would you like to know what the difference is between a caring, responsible breeder and someone who is trying to make money out of their dogs with no regard to the future of the breed or the people who buy their puppies? Visit my page about my breeding philosophy. By the way, I do NOT ship puppies, please don't ask!

JUDGING THE BULL TERRIER by Victoria Corse, Corsaire Bull Terriers
Originally published in "Just Terriers" Magazine, Fall 2003 revised 11/05

I feed a raw diet of meat, vegetables, fruit and other "biologically appropriate" foods. Corsaire Bull Terriers don't know what "kibble" is, and skin, dental and digestive problems have been drastically reduced since we switched. If you are interested in a Corsaire puppy, you must be willing to feed a natural diet and take training classes in Positive Training Methods.





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