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 Mary Remer

Mary Remer
811 Newtown Rd.
Villanova, PA 19085
Tel: (610) 688-0516
Fax: (610) 688-2400 (Call First)

Training Tips from Mary and What A Good Dog, Inc.

Mary Remer, who lives in Villanova, Pa., and is first vice president of the Bull Terrier Club of America, speaks definitively about the two breeds. "Historically," she says, "there's always been a difference in the breeds. They are unrelated, and the physical attributes are dissimilar." The difference is most evident in their heads. The bull terrier has a Roman nose that lends its head the shape of an egg; the pit bull has a wider but compact snout. The bull terrier's head is more slender than the muscular head of the pit bull, whose jaw also is more powerful. The ears of a bull terrier stand up; a pit bull may have cropped ears.

The pit bull is known for its exceptionally strong jaw. That, she says, is due to its masticatory muscles, which are much more developed than those in bull terriers. Since bull terriers also were initially used as fighting dogs, they once might have had stronger masticatory muscles, but "it must've been bred out when breeders were looking for a different head shape."

Bull terriers like Rufus, meanwhile, haven't been a concern. (more)

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