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Most popular Judges:


David Alexander

2 Victoria Corse
3 Diane Foote
4 Jan Dykema
5 Carol Alexander
6 Bob Myall
7 Franne Berez
8 Mary Remer
9 Lynne Myall
10 Mandy Young

List of Judges


Maggie Alhino

Frank Alhino Anita Bartell Diane Bresee Joyce Brown
Phil Brodeur Rosalind Clamper Jon Cole Cecil Mann Tom Fleming
David Harris Alison Ibbitson Scott Ibbitson Danny McGregor Linda McGregor
David Merrian Susan Murphy Carl Pew Becky Poole William Poole
Gayle Pew John Rawlins Pam Rawlins Brent Ruppel Dale Schuur
Claudia Sharp John Schofield Gordan Smith Norma Smith Winkie Mackay Smith
Robert Thomas Louis Wellons John Young Russell Lamonby Colin Greaney

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