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Jan Dykema

Jan Dykema

Jan Dykema: jandykema@sbcglobal.net - Bull Terrier Club of Dallas,  BTCA Specialty,  March 24, 2006

“The Big “D”… my oh Yes”.. as the song goes. It has been a while since I have attended the Dallas shows and as usual, Texas hospitality is some of the best around. My every need was seen to and the banquet and subsequent “magic show” was amazing. Especially, when I was allowed to be the magicians assistant for part of the how…How do they do it? I’ll never tell. I was glad there was not a part where I was sawn in half though!! Many thanks to the exhibitors, some of whom traveled long distances to bring their lovely dogs. The entry was large and absolutely first rate. Many worthy dogs walked away with less than the winner’s ticket, but were very deserving nonetheless. My beautiful glass apothecary jar with my name on it is every special to me. Thanks so much!!! My ring was enhanced by the addition of an “observer”, Carolyn Herbel. She is a well-known judge of “other breeds” (did you know there was such a thing?) and has a great interest in Bull Terriers. Look for her in the future!






OREO COOKIE OF ST GEORGE. RM342961/02. 05/25/2001.

BREEDER: Stuart Cairns & Elizabeth Hennessy DVM. By Magor Sugar Shack Of Ed Elwin-Wendigo Of St> George. OWNER: Kimberly Fairchild & Stuart Cairns. An outstanding mature black brindle who really took my eye. Presented in excellent condition. Beginning with a packed up long head with plenty of fill and leading to a perfect scissors bite, this boy just keeps coming. A head that is masculine with a gentle and correct profile. Shoulder well laid and straight front with scads of bone and substance and excellent fore chest. Nice neat feet. Ears set could be closer, but uses them well. Topline has proper amount of roach and back is short enough. Movement in all directions is very good, striding out well in front and wide and parallel in rear. This boy pressed hard for BOV and was very much” in the running”.


ROCKY TOP'S SKY WALKER. RN071367/10. 01/12/2005.

BREEDER: Rebecca & William Poole & Shelley & Al Smith. By Ch Rocky Top's Sundance Kid-Ch Rocky Top's Thundering Skye. OWNER: Karen R & Albert F Santillan & R & W Poole. Younger brindle and white boy who is still maturing. Head is good with again .. a great bite.. locked over scissors Ears a bit to the side. Expression is all there with a long head and adequate fill. Straight front with small cat feet and toes. Well-turned rear stifle with front and rear movement very good.. Could have a bit more reach. A nice dog whose time in the Winners circle should come.



ROCKY TOP'S MIDNIGHT SKY. RN071367/11. 01/12/2005.

BREEDER: Al & Shelley Smith & William & Rebecca Poole. By Ch Rocky Top's Sundance KID-Ch Rocky Top's Thundering Skye. OWNER: William F & Rebecca P Poole. Almost solid black brindle who sports a fancy outline and profile and has just enough fill to carry it. Expression is very good with eyes well placed. Bone can be deceiving on solids but this one has plenty for her petite size. right down to her nice small feet. Good width of fore chest and decent shoulder. Short backed and moved well in front. A bit high in rear from the side, but parallel going away



LECHMERE ROLL GYPSY ROLL. RN063292/05. 09/05/2004. BREEDER: Russell & Alesia Cooke. By Ch Javarke Jack Flash-Ch Pearlmar> Jolieblon. OWNER: Glenna Wright & Russell & Alesia Cooke. ERS BTICH Taller more upstanding black brindle sporting lots of white. This one has a tremendous fore chest leading to a straight front that could use a bit more bone for her size and neater feet A lovley head with plenty of fill. Expression is varminty for a colored with ears that point straight up. Bite under. Moved decently in all directions. A bit long in back.. Should make a great brood bitch.



This class was outstanding. My notes say “WOW, What a Class!” My” observer” had a wonderful look at some top notch Bull Terriers and I was proud of all of them. Although all of the dogs in the class were first rate, today’s winner was:


MAGOR MASTER BLASTER. RN091775/01. 12/17/2004. Dog.

BREEDER: Gordon & Norma Smith. By Ch Lonestar Whole Lota Hoopla-Ch Magor Fire 'N Ice of Misk. OWNER: Pat Sutherland & Neut Strandemo & Gordon Smith. A nicely marked brindle and white who impresses right off the bat with his make and shape His head is a packed up egg with no hollows or dents, a smoothly turned profile without extreme exaggeration and super expression with excellent eye placement. Bite just a ‘hangnail” off. Ears are set right on top. Good reach of neck and shoulders well laid on leading to a smooth topline. Well-turned stifles. Plenty of bone and substance, cat feet and straight front with tucked in elbows. Moves as made. Very well in all directions holding topline on the “go around” and coming and going parallel in each direction



CH BRIGADOON'S ALL BLACK SOQUEL. RN022842/01. 04/08/2003. Bitch. BREEDER: Carolyn and David Alexander and E. Conover. By Ch Brigadoon Believes in Magic-Ch Brigadoon's Gourmet Bannock. OWNER: Gail and Garry Thomson and C and D Alexander.

A black brindle bitch in gleaming condition today. This one showed her heart out for her handler. She is a “package’. all together... Her head is smooth and even. Ears nice and perky. Eye is sly and slanted for a colored. Bite under. Her front is even and straight with heaps of bone and substance and nice little cat feet with small toes. Shoulder is laid on well. A bit high in rear which affects her topline watching her side and rear movement. Coming in she is excellent. On the day, she was the personification of “type”, that all-important element that makes a Bull Terrier. well… a Bull Terrier.





AMZ THE GREAT RIDE OF KD. RM335642/01. 03/27/2001. BREEDER: Michael A Cantu & Gloria Holland. By Ch D Bar El Nino Of KD-Ch Rogues Row Sheza Flasher. OWNER: Kevin & Davonnia Cox & Helen Goldberg MD.

A thuggy style of dog, emphasis on the “bull”. A good head with a scissors bite. Eyes are slitty and well placed. Small ears. Plenty of bone for his size with a first-rate front. Smooth topline. Could use a bit more bend of stifle. Moved well in front, a bit closer behind.




DBAR COOTER JOHNSON. RN008369/04. 08/07/2002. BREEDER: James Davis. By DBar Najera-Ch DBar Miss Suzie Q. OWNER: Brian & Rachael Bourque.

Another nice dog. White with black brindle head marks. Also on the beefy side with more than enough bone and substance for his size. Respectable head with gentle profile and lots of fill. Bite off. This dog is a bit more upright in shoulder and shorter in neck than the winner but was better in the rear. Movement is good coming, good going, could use more reach in front from the side.




This winner came from the Bred by Exhibitor Class. WOW.. What a group. Each of these class entries could win (and have) on another day and I believe that they will all do well in the future. If this class exemplifies what breeders are achieving, we are doing very well indeed.


BEAUJEST BELLE AT ATOMIC. RN018617/07. 02/11/2003. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Pretty Boy Floyd The Joker-Ch Mona Lisa The Joker. OWNER: Gregory Anderson

Fill, pack and power! A big girl with a jammed up head that is smooth and filled to the brim. Her bite is under with correct canines. Expression is keen and varminty. Tremendous fore chest and bone, bone, bone with a straight front and nice little toes. A bit long in back and rear movement is not her fortune. Coming in she is true and parallel. From the side, plenty of reach and drive. My notes say: strapping brood bitch personified.” Showed well today with plenty of attitude.



CORSAIRE SPARKLING CHROME. RN057201/01. 06/02/2004. BREEDER: Daniel Lynch & Victoria E Corse. By Ch Corsaire ChromeHoss O'Tearock-Ch Corsaire Court & Spark. OWNER: Lucinda Nadeau & Charles Nadeau & Daniel Lynch.

A taller, more upstanding girl with a fabulous head. Turned way down and wicked eye giving her the desired sly expression. Bite under.. Perky ears, used to advantage. Bone is adequate for her size and type. Front is good. Short backed with proper rise over loin. Moved well, again a bit choppy in the rear going away.




CH ACIE'S ONE MORE LOOK. RN033741/07. 07/28/2003. Bitch. BREEDER: Owners & Martha Palmer. By Ch Bestuvall CopyKing N Action-Ch Sidecar N Acie's Party Girl. OWNER: David & Cheri Croucher.

White sporting brindle eye patch. Beautiful scope with a reachy neck and shoulder with proper lay back. Smooth filled head with level bite and lovely eye slanted just so and well placed on the head Neat ears cap the picture. A classic outline flowing into a good topline and bend of stifle allowing for exceptional movement in every direction. Front is good, a slight turn out at the pastern. Bone is round and full. Confident attitude and super handling brought this girl to the winner’s circle.




CH BEAUJEST BIG EASY. RN018617/09. 02/11/2003. Dog. BREEDER: Gregory Anderson. By Ch Pretty Boy Floyd The Joker-Ch Mona Lisa The Joker. OWNER: Sammy & Linda Wright & Gregory Anderson.

Big, powerful dog with bone and substance galore. Expression is his fortune. Eyes well placed and pack and fill create a head with a smooth outline and gentle profile. Bite just off. Tiny feet, nice and tight and a good front and an excellent reach of neck for a dog of this “middle of the road” type. Moved well in front and from the side. Less so in the rear. Looks and acts the part of a true Bull Terrier.








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