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Franne Berez

Since 1989 Action Bull Terriers has had six Silverwood Trophy Winners along with countless other honors. At Action we strive to pack power, bone, and substance into the typiest compact package.

Comments from Action Bull Terriers website:

Why bother with a genetics site?
My feeling at Action is that someone must initiate a site for the open communication about the genetics problems present in the breed instead of whisperings and accusations that I have been accustomed to hearing for about twenty years. I never cease to be amazed when someone tells me that one of my dogs is well known to have produced a plethora of a problem and not once has one of the owners called to tell me that the problem occurred. Frankly, I often am not aware when one of the animals that I bred dies. My hope is that this site will serve as a gathering place for information about the physical and mental health of the animals descended from my breeding program. After all, it is impossible to fix a problem that one is unable to identify.

As a physician, I have always had a personal interest in the study of genetics. I have been accused as being crass about my belief that we breeders owe it to the bull terrier community to autopsy our dogs that die at an early age. I feel though, that any dog/bitch that has been used frequently enough to impact the future breed and the owners of his/her get should be informed. I also admit due to time constraints that I, at times have been negligent of taking the time to keep in touch with the owners of my dogs offspring. With this in mind I have decided that this would be a convenient site to publicly inform them of the health, both good and bad, of their dogs ancestors.

I offer this site as a place to receive information about your dogs with Action ancestry. Nothing will be listed without the consent of the owners involved. It is not my right to expose others problems. I will write about the health and causes of death by dogs owned by me in hopes of being a trendsetter in our community. It is currently being done in the mini bulls. I commend those with the courage to admit that their lines are not perfect. This is the first step to strengthening future generations.

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