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 Diane Foote


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The Consequences of the Current ROM System

Have you been to an all breed dog show lately? If you are like the majority of Bull Terrier owners, your response would be, "No there aren't any ROM points..." I was recently at a dog show in Central Florida. It wasn't one of the larger all breed shows, and none of the major Terrier Handlers were there. This is good, I thought, the Bull Terrier will have a chance of placing in the group. The Terrier Group dogs came in the ring; there was an Am Staff and a Staffy Bull, but no Bull Terrier and no Mini Bull Terrier. As usual, our breed was not represented in the Terrier Group Ring. The Staffy Bull received a Group 2 and the Am Staff a Group 4. There were two Bull Terriers entered at the show but since there were no points they didn't show up. There were no Mini Bull Terriers entered at this show. So what's the point, you might say, who cares about an all breed dog show anyway. I feel that the current mind set among Bull Terrier breeders and owners of removing our breed from the realm of AKC all breed dog shows and AKC standings is not doing our breed any good. I believe that the consequences of the current ROM system will eventually bring about the demise of our breed as a whole.