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Carol Alexander

Comments from Brigadoon Bull Terriers website:

Carolyn & David Alexander have been breeding and exhibiting Bull Terriers for over 25 years. They have established a careful, conservative breeding program that promotes beautiful, mentally & physically healthy Bull Terriers. Brigadoon Bull Terriers are known for their wonderful temperaments.
The Alexanders are long time members of the Bull Terrier Club of America, Barbary Coast BTC, Golden State BTC, Monterey Bay BTC, American Dog Show Judges, Dog Judges of America, local kennel clubs & ADOA. David has served as BTCA Treasurer and Genetics Chair for the BTCA Welfare Foundation. Carolyn is the Bull Terrier columnist for the AKC Gazette, Newsletter Editor for MBBTC, and Rescue Chair for MBBTC. Both Carolyn and David are AKC judges. The Alexanders are also long time volunteers and advocates for the Monterey County SPCA, and are life members of the SPCA Auxiliary.

Brigadoon is located on 5 country acres, on the promontory of a Mt Toro foothill, overlooking the Salinas Valley. We keep only a couple bullies and right now they are senior citizens. Most Brigadoon bullies live with their co owners in their homes throughout the US, principally in California. The Alexanders believe it is important for Bull Terriers to live with families, not in dog runs. Consequently, puppies, when available, are in-home nurtured by their mothers and families. Brigadoon is not a breeding kennel as such. Instead, the Alexanders assist buyers with free referrals and work with co owners in learning to exhibit and breed show quality bullies and in simply enjoying their bully baby, whether pet or show. Pet quality pups are also available, usually with an additional deposit, which is returned when the dog is neutered. To encourage puppy buyers to have their puppies tattooed or microchipped & take them to puppy socialization training, the Alexanders offer a rebate to those who do both.

Brigadoon Bull Terriers are bred only after passing testing to preclude genetic and other problems. Puppies go home after a first vet check, with BAER test result paperwork. If interested in getting on the waiting list for a Brigadoon BT pup, please complete the questionnaire on this website. Pups are occasionally available to caring homes from the Alexanders or their co owners. The questionnaire is designed to help the Alexanders get to know prospective buyers. The Alexanders care deeply that relationships between pups and their new families, as well as between the Alexanders and the new families work well.

Impatient for a puppy, many people often unknowingly turn to puppy mills and poor quality backyard breeders. Puppy mills almost always have pups available. Brigadoon does not. Puppy mills do not offer proof of BAER testing. Brigadoon and all reputable breeders do. Puppy mills may not offer AKC registration because AKC is cracking down on spurious puppy mill operations. All Brigadoon pups are AKC registered. Puppy mills will ship or sell to anyone who has the money. Brigadoon puppies must be picked up in person. If you care about that your puppy comes from healthy parents and pedigrees and are willing to be patient if pups are not currently available, please complete the questionnaire.



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