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Install the Tornado Fuel Saver fuel saving device in the air-intake of your vehicle for better gas mileage and increased horsepower!
All of our Tornado Fuel Saver units have been extended from a 60 day to 120 day Money Back Guarantee to give you ample time to realize your fuel savings.

Save Up To 28% On Fuel!
Increase Horsepower Up To 13 more hp!
Easy to install - Takes Less Than 5 Minutes!
120 day Money Back Guarantee!
Fits Virtually All Makes And Models Of Cars And Trucks!
Works On Carbureted And Fuel Injected Engines!
For Gasoline And Diesel Engines!


This really works:

  1. I put it on our 2005 Chrysler Mini Van with a 3.8 motor and the we go 29 MPG on a trip.

  2. I put it on my brothers 2006 Cobalt with a 2.2 motor and got 42 MPG on a trip.

The MPG drops back in traffic and "stop and go" driving, but overall it much better than before.

Walter Micheler