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Mother Goose & Grimm

by Mike Peters


Mike Peters, political cartoonist for the Dayton (OH) Daily News, is recognized as one of our nation’s most prominent cartoon artists for his outstanding work as both a political and comic strip cartoonist. His work appears in newspapers worldwide and frequently appears in national publications and on national television.

Syndicated on October 1, 1984, Mother Goose and Grimm quickly became a national favorite, and can be found near the top of most newspaper comics page reader polls. Created by Pulitzer Prize winner Mike Peters, Mother Goose and Grimm remains at the center of a flurry of licensing deals.

Mother Goose and Grimm is the story of a streetwise yet endearing yellow bull terrier, his slightly senile caretaker, Mother Goose, and their storybook friends. Mother Goose deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor for putting up with her pooch’s outrageous exploits. Grimmy, who thinks his meal ticket is certifiable, hangs on to get his three squares a day plus garbage can privileges. Through it all, the signature, in-your-face brand of humor gets big belly laughs from fans.

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