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From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

June 2, 2006
We need your help! San Antonio's Animal Rights Brigade finally succeeded in getting "Mandatory Spay/Neuter and Breeder Permits" passed by the Animal Care Services Advisory Board. A 5 Year Strategic Plan has been sent to city council which alsointends to "Establish a Bill of Rights for Animals in San Antonio." Details will be developed later. San Antonio already has a strong Animal Cruelty Law.

Nathan Winograd of No Kill Solutions recently held a seminar in Austin, TX, and told those in attendance that Mandatory Spay/Neuter will mean more animals are killed and quoted San Mateo County, CA, statistics. Winograd was Director of Operations at San Francisco SPCA under Richard Avanzino.

After several years, the Austin Mandatory Spay/Neuter Proposal appears to be dead as no city council member will sponsor it in spite of amendments. The Austin proposal would have had a high fee for owning an unaltered dog or cat, with an exemption for show dogs which is not acceptable to RPOA. Bad law is still bad law. Michael McDonald, Austin city staff, went on record as opposing Mandatory Spay/Neuter and presented staff recommendations instead which actually address the irresponsible pet owners causing the problems. The Austin Animal Advisory Commission approved staff recommendations. Can San Antonio do any less?

RPOA promotes voluntary Spay/Neuter Surgery for pets at our "Pets For Life" Health Fairs. But a leash or a fence are also excellent forms of birth control. Denver, CO, has confiscated over 1,000 pit bulls from their homes and killed most of them. Will animal control officers knock on doors to check for intact dogs and cats? What will they do if the pets aren't altered? Take them to Animal Care Services? Kill them? If it passes, we insist it be enforced.

Opposition to a Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance:
* MSN is unenforceable. San Antonio can't even enforce the Leash Law.
* MSN doesn't address our animal problems in low income areas.
* MSN targets responsible pet owners instead of irresponsible pet owners.
* MSN is unenforceable without door-to-door enforcement which is costly.
* MSN is not acceptable -- even with exemptions for any reason.
* MSN means genocide with every dog and cat (male and female) altered.
* MSN means in 10 years there would be very few dogs and cats still alive.
* MSN is an Animal Rights Agenda to end all use, breeding and ownership of
* MSN is a "pet" issue, not a breeder issue.

Please contact the following to oppose this proposal: San Antonio Express-Newsletters@express-news.net (Must give name, address, and phone number)

San Antonio officials:

Address for all:
City of San Antonio
PO Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283

Mayor Phil Hardberger
Phone: (210) 207-7060
Fax: (210) 207-4168

City Manager Sheryl Sculley
Phone: (210) 207-7080
Fax: (210) 207-4217

Deputy City Mgr Pat DiGiovanni
Phone: (210) 207-6912
Fax: (210) 207-4122

Asst. City Manager Frances Gonzales
Phone: (210) 207-2200
Fax: (210) 207-4122

District 1, Roger Flores, Jr
Phone: (210) 207-7279
Fax: (210) 207-7027

District 2, Sheila McNeil
Phone: (210) 207-7278
Fax: (210) 207-7027

District 3, Roland Gutierrez
Phone: (210) 207-7064
Fax: (210) 207-7027

District 4, Richard Perez
Phone: (210) 207-7281
Fax: (210) 207-7027

District 5, Patti Radle
Phone: (210) 207-7043
Fax: (210) 207-7027

District 6, Delicia Herrera
Phone: (210) 207-7065
Fax: (210) 207-7027

District 7, Elena Guajardo
Phone: (210) 207-7044
Fax: (210) 207-7027

District 8, Art Hall
Phone: (210) 207-7086
Fax: (210) 207-7027

District 9, Kevin Wolff
Phone: (210) 207-7325
Fax: (210) 207-7027

District 10, Chip Haass
Phone: (210) 207-7276
Fax: (210) 207-7027

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