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House Bill 1451

The American Kennel Club wishes to extend profound thanks to Representative David Simpson for his help in removing House Bill 1451 from the Local, Consent and Resolutions Calendar. House Bill 1451 is now on the Major State Calendar for Tuesday, April 26th. This means that legislators will cast individual votes on the bill. It is VITAL that responsible dog owners and breeders continue to communicate their opposition to this legislation to their representatives.

Click here and type in your address to find the name and contact information for your State Representative.

Read AKC's previous Legislative Alerts on this bill for more information and talking points.

AKC also asks that concerned dog owners take a moment to thank Representative Simpson for his actions on our behalf. His e-mail address is: david.simpson@house.state.tx.us

Please use "Thank you for your efforts on HB 1451" as the subject line to enable his staff to easily identify his supporters. In the body of the email please include your full name and mailing address, especially if you are a constituent.

AKC Government Relations Manager Sarah Sprouse will be in Austin on Tuesday, April 26th to conduct a Lobby Day and provide you with the tools you need to communicate effectively with your legislators. We believe it is vital that legislators hear directly from their constituents about the negative consequences of House Bill 1451. For more information about attending this event, please email doglaw@akc.org or call the Government Relations Department at 919-816-3720.

AKC will continue to monitor the situation and update you as this bill progresses.



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