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Norma Shepherd, Treasurer of the B.T.C.A., was arrested in Lincoln, RI for embezzlement.



December 4, 2009

Dear B.T.C.A. Member,

I am writing to inform you of some profoundly distressing news that legal counsel and the authorities in Rhode Island have advised can now be presented to you, On December 4, 2009 Norma Shepherd, Treasurer of the B.T.C.A., was arrested in Lincoln, RI for embezzlement. The Board and I are gravely concerned about this alleged criminal behavior, betrayal of trust, and its impact on the BTCA.

There were five accounts in the name of the B.T.C.A. at the Bank of America in North Smithfield, RI. Ms. Shepherd was sole signatory on four of the accounts and co-signee on one other. It appears that all accounts have been totally depleted for personal use, including the General Fund, rescue accounts, the Doble Fund and the Irene Mann Memorial Fund. Once our records are recovered, a full forensic account audit will be done to determine the full extent of the loss. This may be done by the Attorney General's Office in Rhode Island or may be an effort that the club must undertake. A search for a suitable CPA is underway in the event we need to conduct this audit ourselves. In an effort to fully disclose to you what information we have at present, it appears that the serious discrepancies in our bank account have been occurring since January 2008, and possibly before that. It will take a forensic audit to determine the total sum taken with any accuracy, but an initial review of only bank statements indicates inappropriate withdrawals of over $100,000. The Board of the Bull Terrier Club of America has and will continue to be in contact with the appropriate authorities in Rhode Island and will work closely with them for full prosecution and hopefully recovery of some club assets. We have retained legal counsel to guide us in these efforts and the AKC has been informed. With limited access to financial records and insurance policies, we regret to inform you that it appears no current bond of the treasurer is in place.

The Board has relieved Ms. Shepherd of signatory access to the accounts, and on December 4, 2009, voted unanimously to terminate her position as Treasurer of the B.T.C.A. under the corporate statutes of the State of Tennessee where the club is incorporated. Dale Schuur and I have been added to all accounts to serve as B.T.C.A. signatories on an interim basis. Dale will serve as interim Treasurer.

There are a number of things that we need to address. First of all, because we do not have an accounting for paid dues for 2009, we will use the 2009 membership for 2010. If you have not yet paid for 2010, please send your dues to Dale Schuur. If you have paid, we thank you. If you have updates to your contact information, please send them to Naomi Waynee, Executive Secretary at nwaynec@q.com

As a first priority, the B.T.C.A. will conduct a search for a new Treasurer under the guidelines provided for in the Constitution. We will put enhanced financial management controls in place. We will review our outstanding financial obligations and will pay them as soon as possible. Next, we will be embarking on a major fund raising campaign. Claudia Sharp has been appointed by the Board to chair these efforts. You will hear more about this in the near future. Finally, the Board has determined that the B.T.C.A. expenses required for publishing BARKS, the hosting of Silverwood weekend (judges' expenses, trophies, etc.) and rescue efforts will take priority in the expense of club funds.

Events will continue to un-fold, and the Board and I will do our best to keep you informed. In the meantime, the first way that you can help is to reflect on what contribution you can make to help us restore our club funds to meet the needs of club activities. As mentioned, we will be presenting information regarding the fund raising campaign in the near future.

It is truly an unfortunate time for the B.T.C.A., but, because we are resilient like our bullies, we will get through this. This is a wonderful club, made up of wonderful people. I am confident that all of us, working together, will weather this storm and continue our stewardship of our beloved breed and club.



Ms. Mary Remer
811 Newtown Rd.
Villanova, PA 19085

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