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Strong and Muscular Hindquarters

Before you start any routine with your young dog, please consult someone more experienced about your dog’s constitution.

If a dog is too young, inappropriate workout could harm his bones and joints. The most suitable person you should talk to is the most probably the breeder of your dog.

The best exercises for the hind legs development are high-intensity, short-duration exercises. The most common exercise for the hindquarters are sprints and high jumps.

We noticed the best muscle growth after playing with a stick – jumping after it or chasing it in short distances. We found it that training session should not last more than 10-15 minutes and it should start right after the short walk, while the dog’s muscles are warm.

Some owners think it’s too short activity for her (usually hyper-)active pet, but you should take in consideration that if a dog is too tired, the animal could be injured. I know some of the bull terriers finished up in the surgery for that. Of course this happens very rare, but still – be cautious...

All your efforts about tuning your power-pack is futile if not powered with an adequate energy source. Find suitable product, both with a good taste and with quality.

We prefer dehydrated food with chicken basis. Chicken meat should not exceed 29% of the total ingredients – some Bull Terriers have strong allergenic reaction to large doses of proteins.

When choosing dog food, the criteria should be how good, not how many. Food quality is very easily tested by smelling from the bag. If it stinks, reconsider some other brands...

Every six months (when a dog’s hair is changed) in a period of about 2 to 4 weeks, feed your dog with an extra biotin, A, C and D3 vitamins, calcium and phosphorus.

Few more tips:
You should exercise your dog either early in the morning or later afternoon. Avoid midday hot sun
At least 2 hours prior training session, your dog shouldn’t eat.
Don’t let him drink cold water right after the workout, let him take a rest for a moment (old wisdom of our parents).
Beware of an injuries (especially your fingers).
Don’t drink and drive.



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