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DEA By Web-Rity

This enlightened position came to me yesterday as I was bathing Oliver (D-Bar Twenty Four Carat). I was reading the dog shampoo bottle which said “DEA free” and reached over and looked at a different shampoo bottle and it contained DEA. Confused, I decided to do some internet research on the topic of DEA in shampoo. I was surprised to learn it was a common ingredient in both human and canine shampoo. I’ve included a few links at the bottom of this article, so you can read more and decide for yourself.

As early as 1988, there were studies that found an association between DEA and similar ingredients and cancer in laboratory animals (mice). The risk was focused on an increased risk of cancer resulting from “residual levels of DEA” (3). Unfortunately, the study did not go further to prove or even proffer a link between DEA and an increased risk of cancer in humans and rats.

Early August 2006, Dr. Steve Zeisel at the University of North Carolina reported that DEA when applied to the skin of pregnant mice in relatively low ratios resulted in cell death in the hippocampus area of the brain which is used for memory. Additionally, the size and frequency of mice litters was reduced after repeated exposure to DEA. Dr. Ziesel concluded “our work suggests that it may have adverse effects on pregnancy outcome and on brain development”. A similar substance (TEA) was observed to have similar effects on the mice metabolism. (1) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is another ingredient in shampoo with similar degenerative effects according to the Journal of the American College of Toxicology. Although a link to memory loss has not been proven, the American College of Toxicology reports “tests show permanent eye damage in young animals from skin contact in non-eye areas. Studies indicated sodium lauryl sulfate kept young eyes from developing properly by possibly denaturing the proteins and not allowing for proper structural formation. This damage was permanent.” (2)  It should be noted that products that contain one questionable ingredient often contain many others and consumers need to be aware of the totality of the ingredients before making a choice. It is not known if either DEA or sodium lauryl sulfate when used as directed, have any adverse effects on either canines or humans. You need to decide for yourself.

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