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Bull Terriers are not for everyone.

They are “Terriers” and very, very active. Bull Terriers are very strong, need exercise and are very “people oriented” – wanting/needing companionship. They are not the breed to be placed on a chain in the backyard and forgotten!

Review the Pet Test/Questionnaire to help you with your pet decision.
With any new dog, “SUPERVISION” is absolutely necessary around other “family pets” or “children”. Not to just watch out for unwanted problems from the “new pet”, but to watch out for negative reactions from the" current pet/s and children”. SOME BREEDERS WILL NOT SELL A DOG/PUPPY TO A FAMILY WITHYOUNG CHILDREN, as noted above they are very strong and can easily trip or jump on a small child withoverabundance of excitement and curiosity. I am also attaching a “Pet Test/Questionnaire” that you and/or your family can test yourselves on!You can read more about the Standard and Miniature Bull Terrier through the American Kennel Club's website at www.akc.org - look under Breed, Terrier. You can also visit the Bull Terrier Club of America at www.btca.com or the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America at www.minibull.org . All these sites contain links for more information on the Breed and Breeders. Standard Bull Terriers can range from 50 lbs. to 80 lbs. with a large male. Miniature Bull Terriers weigh less than 30 lbs, but are still compact, strong and full of energy! There are Miniature Bull Terrier Breeders in the country, but few in Texas. However, I can give you Lisa Byrd's name/info for you to contact. Lisa is a member of the BTCD and Vice President/Health Committee Chairperson for the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America: Lisa Byrd at 972-524-0027 or lisa.bowers@dpsi.org . Be aware that the Reputable Breeders below set high standards (health & temperament) for their Bull Terriers, “SO YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT” for that special Bully to call your own ^..^  Bull Terriers advertised in the Newspaper can be from individuals (backyard breeders) or Puppy Millers. Reputable Breeders do not advertise in the paper, but by word-of-mouth. So while you are waiting for that “special bully to call your own”, learn all you can, visit dog shows/events and attend Club meetings/get-togethers whenever possible. You may not be able to get a puppy/adult Bully in your area/state, but may need to go out of state.  Reputable Breeders will also require a CONTRACT, usually a CO-OWNERSHIP, which provides that the Breeder is entitled to "ALL" dealings with the puppy and/or older Bull Terrier. Whether pet quality, show quality or future breeding. REMEMBER, it is impossible to tell if a 9-week old puppy is going to be a pet
quality or show quality - likewise for an older puppy (6 months +) because they are growing every day and their appearance changes. What might look like a good pet one day, a year from now is the best representative of the breed that the breeder has seen and they want to show them! Or if the puppy is going to be a pet, the Breeder will require it being spayed/neutered at the appropriate age and then transfer full ownership to you.
A bull terrier from a reputable breeder will cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 depending upon Pet or Show quality and age. A rescue may be less depending upon what, if any, medical treatment was needed.
Also remember the Breeder has the experience and “should always be your FIRST Contact” when you have questions or should problems occur. And like Grand Parents, they like to receive updates and pictures of their puppies/dogs that have new homes ^..^


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