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Agility Ability is a hobby web page, a labor of love for the sport of Dog Agility.

The web pages and information on them are added to the web site during personal free time, which is limited due to the tremendous growth the sport is experiencing and the duties I have taken on to assist in furthering this wonderful sport. Much of what is stored at this site is for my own use, stored on the Net for safe keeping and to be available to everyone interested in the sport. Many of the pages here were originally created in 1994 and used on the old Agility-l web site.

This is a non-income generating site which is also free of annoying advertising banners to the visitor, which would help offset the personal expenses of maintaining the site if they were utilized. Classified advertising is offered at greatly reduced prices only to recoup some of the expenses of maintaining this wealth of agility information on a server for everyone to access.

Agility Ability is not an official site of any sanctioning agility organization, and there are no official statistics maintained on this server. Information is gathered by owners and friends of owners. We do our best to update frequently and verify information, but we are limited in what we can do without access to the actual data bases.

If you would like to use any of the information stored here please do let us know. Agility Ability is copyrighted. We would like to know what pages are popular as well as have an opportunity to add a disclaimer to the pages that are courteous of our site yet not official. An example being the titles pages which are stored here.

So enjoy our pages here, we appreciate the tremendous feed back we receive for our efforts. Positive reinforcement works! If there's anything you find lacking just let us know! We'll try to get it added for you. (more)

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